View Full Version : Shooting raw and jpg

22-07-06, 14:56
Shooting raw and jpg in burst mode with the nikon D70, is there a slow down when shooting burst in response pr second


23-07-06, 21:04
Hi Hugh, not so sure. I shoot RAw with Nikon D70. I still get 3 FPS on continuous and it's not that much slower than Fine JPEG. However the one limiting factor is the type of Compact Flash you use.

Certain third party cards whilst quite acceptable cannot match the write speeds of better and well known makes.

Personally I use Lexar 80x Proffesional in 1gb cards and am extemely happy with them.

Buy the most expensive you can afford as they often carry a lifetime guarantee, wheras other less well known makes have much lower guaranteesfor obvious reasons.


23-07-06, 23:09
I also found this. I use intgral 100x. These are much faster than the standard which came with my E-300.