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Canis Vulpes
07-08-06, 11:24
I am sure most of you chaps know I use a Nikon D2X, I really like this body but cannot afford a second. I have been using my fathers D70 as a second body for backup and with a shorter focal length lens. I feel my father is getting a bit tired of me borrowing it and time has come to go for permanent second body. Another use of second body is lowlight and poor weather, I put the D2X away in poor weather even though I know its weather sealed.

My initial choices are below:-

1 - Used D70(s) purchased after release of D80 (anyday now)
2 - Used D100
3 - Used D200, if there is such a thing but feel this may be put away in poor weather also!

Secondary choices:-
1 - Used D2H(s)
2 - New D80
3 - Nothing settle with what I have and remind my father the lens he is using on his D70 is mine!

Resolution or focus speed is not important and will be used on average two shots per week! I sometimes wish I had not sold my Fuji S2.

07-08-06, 20:43
Seen this?

Seemed an obvious choice.

Don Hoey
07-08-06, 22:04

Not even more bread and water for Sarah and James. :rolleyes:

Not to sure if this is any help.

Used D2Hs - same body and control layout as the X. Grays currently 1649 so that will definately be put away in adverse conditions.

Used D200 - great spec, but a used one as you say will probably be put away when you need it.

New D80 - probably better with a used D200. Same problem though if it comes in around 700 - 800.

Used D100 or D70s. Your familiarity with your fathers D70 would be in its favour over the D100 in your case also compatability with your flash SB800 & SB600. If all of my lenses were f2.8 then it would have been very hard to justify a move to the X. Bonus of the D100 is that it accepts the good old cable release and the battery life is superb, Stevie still has hers. Just got Grays up and a D70 mint- 395 and D100 mint- 435.

After all that and in view of flash compatabilty D70s or used D200.


Canis Vulpes
08-08-06, 07:36
Thanks Don,

I hadn't considered flash compatibility. I think I'll keep my eyes open for a used D70 or D70s. Its quite small, light and fits anywhere in either of my two photo bags without lens attached.

I do fancy a D2Hs though as the controls, layout and feel is identical to D2X but I would probably treasure it like my X.

Grey's know exactly how to get me, I walk in to try a 300 f2.8 and purchase one. A week later they advertise D2Hs at an affordable price and a 60mm micro that has not be on their used list for some time. After purchasing 300 f2.8 I can no longer look at Grey's used list, I am too tempted. I have to hope I dont get a business trip to London :rolleyes: