View Full Version : GML GrowCut (FREEWARE)

16-09-06, 10:10
I donít know if this Photoshop plugin would be of any use to anyone. Iíve been having a little play with it and find it quite easy and useful to use. There is a movie tutorial you can watch which is quite helpful.



17-10-06, 13:04
This is a brilliant plug in for cs. I have just used it to isolate my grandson from the background its very easy to use mucj better thab the normal extract tool. Here is the examples. http://www.worldphotographyforum.com/showthread.php?t=1490

17-10-06, 13:17
The photo's came out well. I'm glad you like the plug in.


19-10-06, 13:32
This looks really useful but although I have downloaded the plugin I can't download the tutorial. I get a message telling me that Quicktime is missing components required for the download. I tried downloading the video using IE instead of Mozilla but it just sat there without downloading anything.
I can figure out how to mark the part for extraction but then where do I go?

19-10-06, 20:29
Yes,same here,the tutorial would not download.

21-10-06, 19:56
Christine, did you figure out how to use this program?