View Full Version : How to Basic camera Usage

05-10-06, 21:55
I just found this website that could be very useful for someone with very limited knowledge for using there new DSLR. It's very basic but its in very easy to read format with plenty of pictures as explanations. It's for canon cameras but any of the settings could be used on any camera make.


Don Hoey
05-10-06, 22:16
Just checked it out and for those starting out this is a super link. Totally non technical. Excellent find Christine.:)


06-10-06, 14:27
Good link there, as it provide basics for beginners and for the semi pro or pro, it is kinda like a recap of what we know so far...

06-10-06, 14:38
Glad you both like it, I was doing a search on best settings for the functions keys on my 30D when I found that site, I also found another Gem which works with the 350D and a few other Canons with Custom function 4 set. It makes life so much easier for AF.

07-10-06, 20:55
Thanks,Christine,I may pick up a few tips from that site,have bookmarked for future ref.A good find.