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29-12-06, 19:38
As slide film had no interneg between the source and final print, and exposure was based on the highlights, I am curious if any one knows if the same applies to digital material?

Going from the source to finished image in digital is the same as slides - no interneg. I think the same exposure techniques should apply.

Thanks for any ideas. I have not found any material on the net re exposing digital in this way.

Norm D

29-12-06, 19:52
Here is some light reading for you Norm :D


Does your Sony have a histogram on the image preview ?

29-12-06, 20:01
My cam has no histogram on it - just a P and S only.

I do know that my highlights are the priority in digi - a little bit like slides were - yet a different procedure. Now my focus is turning strongly to working toward this end in my images - which I have tried in the last couple or so.

Next time I am in the photofinishers, I will see what exposures - based on the high highlights - I can make to balance with his machines and develpoping programs.

Thanks for the info, mate.

Norm D

29-12-06, 22:07
I shoot digital exactly the same way I shoot for film, (Fuji Sensia 100 and Velvia 50), yes I still use film. I find that if you set your digital camera up correctly in the first place then the resulting images are very much like the results obtained when shooting film. Pity slides are not easily (cheaply) available from digital images, OK for one offs, expensive if you want to make up a slide show of say 100 images.

I still say you can't beat Fuji Velvia 50 for natural history and landscapes, although good digital is coming closer.


29-12-06, 23:09

Following your general theme and experiments over recent weeks it would suggest that you are unhappy with the results of your prints or something else ??

Is there a problem you are trying to overcome ?

29-12-06, 23:39
Rob - There is no problem, as such, mate. I was - and am merely - trying to find the right way to fine tune the sugggestions given to me by the photofinishers for my cam. This is in response to the settings the owner of the photofinishers worked out with the 'Pro's' and suggested I try.

With the material on exposing for the high highlights, I am fine now, thanks mate. I am going to work on fine tuning my videocam with these ideas as well.

I am looking forward to getting back to studying compositions - only - again.
Sorry, if I gave the wrong impression.

My thanks for asking, mate, and I will be careful of my wording as well.

Norm D