View Full Version : "Exposure"by Chris Weston---Good book

27-01-07, 22:49
Received a copy of "Exposure" by Chris Weston yesterday.It is published by Ava publishing.One of a series -Photography FAQS.Excellent.Very simply explained,deals with exposure for all types of photography,and gives step by step detail as to how to make the correct settings on your cam.
For anyone ,like myself,who does struggle to understand the intricate details of the ins and outs of cam settings it is a very good buy.

Apparently there is a whole series lined up,inc,Lighting,lenses,fieldcraft,Post camera,B/W.Portraits,Wildlife,Landscape,travel,Action and Night and Low light.
If anyone wants to read one of the articles inc in the book,in the latest copy of the new mag,DSLR,Chris has inc a technique section,which is to be followed up next month,ie in the following copy.I think it is dealing with ISO in the next issue.
the rrp is 14-95,but from tme photography book club,it caost 11-95.