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19-03-07, 22:11
Hi guys,i was down on Brighton beach at the weekend and was trying to have a go at photographing the water washing over the stones and rocks. Question 1-Is it possible to take these sort of photo's without using a tripod(i always feel like a bit of a tw*t if i use it in public)?!
Question 2-Can anyone tell me the best manual settings to use as all the pics i was taking were coming out over exposed? I didn't know what i was doing wrong as any changes i made didn't seem to make any difference and seenas i didn't use my tripod i'm thinking it cant be done.:o Help!!!!!!

Don Hoey
19-03-07, 23:38
Hi Polo,

All is not lost. I would first suggest you have a read of the three sticky's ( those posts at the top ) of General Photography Technique.

A bit to digest, don't worry about posting any questions you may have from that.

Motion blurr requires slow shutter speeds so I am afraid you will need to support the camera some how, and a tripod is the best option. To use your comment - you may feel like a bit of a tw*t, but in reality hardly anyone who sees you really cares one way or another.

From the stickys you will see that in fairly bright light you will need a low ISO and small aperture on the lens to get the correct exposure combination. If you use a camera with adjustable controls, all this is achievable. On a compact with program only exposure then more of a problem.

I hope this is of some help. If not please say so.


20-03-07, 00:02
Hi Polo

I assume your talking about exposures of a second or more then a steady support like a tripod is a must. Why be shy of using a tripod ? I lug a Manfrotto 55, Canon 20D, 300mm F4 and x1.4TC around with me most of the time. Sure you get the odd look but most people don't notice.

Don has pointed to tips on exposure but as the light was very bright at times over the weekend it maybe you would never get a correct exposure with a very slow shutter speed. In that case a polarising filter attached to the lens would lose you 3 stops of light or use a ND (Neutral Density) filter.

20-03-07, 17:28
I assume your talking about exposures of a second or more ....

It depends on how much motion blur you are trying to get into you pictures. For water I tend to use between 1/10 - 1/25 - this shot in my gallery (http://www.worldphotographyforum.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=5261&cat=500&ppuser=72) was taken at 1/13 hand held although admittedly with an image stabalised lens :D

21-03-07, 21:43
Thanks alot guys.I think i should stop being such a whimp and use my tripod!!!!!
I'll give those settings a go too.