View Full Version : Outside Night Flash Used Inside

11-04-07, 17:07
As the title says, I tried the Outside Night Flash settilng in my cam menu inside under very low house lights.

I do like the softer effect, and with that, many images in my art reproduction books show a somewhat similar softer effect for some portraits. We both like this setting better than a harsher, straight flash setting.

The setting on my menu has a person and moon with it.

Norm D

12-04-07, 16:42
Here is a proper version done with the tripod and self timer.

In my eyes, it gives an image that is close to one with a diffused or soft flash
level that blends the flash with the overhead lights. I feel this is more flattering to folks - the only drawback is - the exposure is about 1.5 sec which requires a still subject and cam. Even with that exposure, I still prefer the softness of the image over harsh flash.

Norm D

16-04-07, 21:37
For those who are interested!

I used the flash setting - SYNCHRO SLOW - with this image of Anne in the local mall and the cam on ALL AUTOMATIC MODE. I am very surprised at the accuracy of all the tones in this one. The only bad ones are the blue 649 and the red one beside it - they were darker a bit than the way it shows here. I feel that this is the one very good flash method to keep away from harsh skin tones with a full flash output. This is the same flash setting used with OUTDOOR NIGHT FLASH.

After a series of tests this morning with different light levels, I found that the more light around the subject - the less the amount of flash output with this setting. Myself, I like to be able to blend the flash with the surroundings.

Norm D