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26-04-07, 16:46
For those who may be interested and have it on their videocams..

I was looking at some vildeo on YOU TUBE and noticed that at times - in snow, and facing into a bright lightarea , the exposure was much darker than it should be (no doubt done on ALL AUTOMATIC setting.

I took my videocam and played around with it near a very bright light. What I found was - by using the BACK LIGHT switch, I could compensate for some of the darkness when facing into the light My light has a dilmmer switch, so I could compensate at different levels - depeding on the brilghtness of the light. Cam was on ALL AUTOMATIC Setting.

Also, I could use the MANUAL EXPOSURE button and wheel for exposure correction if desired. For trains and motion subjects, I feel just keeping my finger beside the BACKLIGHT BUTTON (for just the brightest area) would serve the purpose.

Best Wishes

Norm D

26-04-07, 17:52
Further to the first note

I feel this button would be very helpful when and where time is not available to try manual exposure tests. At least it may help keep your images from being too dark - unless that is the effect one wants.

Also, in dull areas it may even give a bit of extra brightness - like in a coach with low light level coming through the window - if that extra light is needed.

Norm D