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01-05-07, 18:29
For those people who wonder what each flash setting in their menu does - I offer these images. I did NO WORK - except resizing.

They may be only offered on P and S cams. I do not know about DSLR's

My three settings are - MINUS, NORMAL and PLUS
I used the MOUNTAIN ICON setting in my Menu to keep focus accurate. They were done from across the room from the subject and I tried to make the light skim across her.

Norm D

03-05-07, 03:04
While at the Senior's Center earlier, I tried an image on LANDSCAPE MODE with very high ceilings and tube lights to find out if any colour cast comes over the subject.

As it turns out, the flash - on normal power - brings out quite accurate colours to an image. I was surprised no major colour cast came over this one to speak of - at least on my screen.

All I had to do was resize the image for posting - I did not want to change it.

Norm D

15-05-07, 13:54
For those travelling or wanting a quick image, I tried this quick 'grab shot' using PROGRAM MODE, SLOW SYNCHRO FLASH SETTING and MINUS FLASH OUTPUT (in the menus). My window I opened to keep away from back flash.

On here, I used LEVELS AUTO FIX and a small bit of SHARPENING. In the end, I liked how the flash and outside light came out about evenly.

Norm D