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03-05-07, 17:04
In my list of pre set settiangs for images is this one called HIGH SENSITIVITY. It is marked ISO but called HIGH SENSITIVITY. The instruction says - "Shoots without flash in quite low light levels - reducing blur".

Any lilght source - like my table lamp - can be used to model a subject's features. My illustration is done with a table lamp with a dimmer switch set very low.

I removed the colours in my HUE/SATURATION TOOL - not in cam.

This setting can really bring out one's creativity if a person wants to explore it. Different cams may have this mode under different names. My name is my SONY S 600's instruction sheet.

Norm D

03-05-07, 18:33
Here is a small object done on HIGH SENSITIVITY with a piece of dull side of cooking foil, flashlight for reading cafe menus and table lamp with light very low.

Norm D

03-05-07, 18:35
For black and white lovers - a copy for you/

Norm D

04-05-07, 06:15
Good try.
I like Anne's B&W image.

04-05-07, 06:23
My thanks, Sassann.

One thing I like about this - HIGH SENSITIVITY - is - it gives a shutter speed that is not a time exposure. Most MODES give a time exposure on any low light subject.

I am going to study old black and white movies and such to find some lighting ideas to try with this mode with my LED lights and such. Sadly my vildeocam does not have something like that for low light. Oh, well..............

Have a Good Day tomorrow and weekend ahead.

Norm D

04-05-07, 19:28
Am I missing something? I assumed High Sensitivity just gives you a maximum ISO speed along with the associated high noise levels. Can give nice atmospheric shots though.

04-05-07, 19:38

I have not studied the MODE setting well enough yet, but in certain cases, you may need to give an image a touch up in NEAT IMAGE. As I look at this MODE more, I will add to this thread. What I see so far, I do like it.

I think I should be able to go out in very low light or even at night and have a shutter speed over 1 second - which will help keep any bright lights from overpowering the image too badly. This is the area I want to look into very much - to keep night lights as natural as possible.

Sadly, the instruction book does not give any indication on how the manufacturer put this mode together and what metering system they used. As for noise, maybe if the subject has some good bright areas - noise will be reduced. Again I will have to check.

Norm D

05-05-07, 15:28
This example gives an indication of how the HIGH SENSITIVITY can work in dull light and keep an exposure reasonably decent. Our weather was quite overcast, yet it gave enough detail for the inside part of the image and stopped the red car dead (it was moving quite quickly) outside.

Even the noise level is not too bad (I did no NEAT IMAGE or any post processing except resizing for here).

Norm D.