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17-05-07, 17:58
just crumpled a sheet of shiny gold material I bought at the art supply store
and put it on a sheet of cardboard for support.

Then, with the table lamp - quite bright - skimming off the gold material, I
tried to skim some of that reflected gold light back onto the subject. Myself,
I like the warm glow on this image over a flash.

My setting on the Cam was PROGRAM MODE. Only CONTRAST AUTO FIX and
small amount of SHARPENING was used on the P. C.

Norm D

18-05-07, 16:59
A good idea.

Also in post processing some over emphasis with hue and saturation can bring out that gold without moving to Wild West.:)

Thanks sharing Norm.

18-05-07, 18:03

If the idea helps someone, I am happy.

My next image, I will have to try to work with hue and saturation.
As I study the gold reflector, I love the warm tone it gives over a piece of cooking foil or flash (unless filters are used with them).

Right now, I am working hard at studying 'skimming' or 'glancing' my light on a subject so I do not flatten the subject's features with direct llight.

Also, I will put in the b & w version (done in Saturation on the P C) to show this version.

Norm D

19-05-07, 13:55
This is not fancy, but it shows that the gold can be used to give a warm cast to models.

This toy is 5" from the rear of the cab to the front of the pilot. It was done the same way as the doll.

Norm D

19-05-07, 22:02
While at the shoppling center, I tried an image of Anne with the Gold Foil just outside the skylight's brightest area.

A good lesson was learned here - do not use the skylight's light level if the sun - is quite bright. A better option is to stay on the outside edge if using a reflector or even a low powered flash. Or wait until the light level drops suffeciently before using the skylight area itself.

Using a reflector, I am able to see how the light level is on a subject and how each light level affects said reflector's reflected light. A flash does not give me the opportunity to see - before the image - how the light from the flash will work with the skylight's light as well as a reflector.

Norm D