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20-05-07, 16:52
Early this morning, a group of emergency crews stopped at a building across
the street. While they were inside, I tried a group of images of the fire
truck and medic cars. My shooting location was at the front door of our
apartment. Actually, I was just outside enough to clear the glass in the
door so I could try the flash. My FLASH SETTING in the
MENU was MINUS FLASH OUTPUT. All crews are inside the building behind the medic's cars.

My settings were the same as the ones used with Anne in the Front Room
yesterday. In this image, I used LEVELS AUTO FIX (in the P C art program).
For Anne's image, I used CONTRARST AUTO FIX.

When I processed the images, I found the flash had picked out details of the
emblem on the fire truck door. Also, the flash seemed to reach the medic's
cars. The pale blue printing in the image is a dark royal blue - almost
black - in real life. I have seen that pale blue at night when a car's
light reaches that printing.

Looking at the images - considering the distances - the cam and flash gave
three good images