View Full Version : Aaaargh - Fuji S3 Pro failing ?

11-06-07, 07:46
took a photo last night then downloaded to computer and noticed a vertical "lazer" line 1/3 way across from the right :(

took other photos to confirm it wasn't a one off..

happens at ISO400 + , at exposures 1/4 second +

Camera was originally bought in April 2006, replaced in May 2006 under warranty, so its about 1 month out of warranty - but I'm assuming that Fuji will honour - else its the "fit for purpose" route ....

what do you reckon please ?



john crossley
11-06-07, 10:03
Sorry cant help.
The first picture looks OK to me and the second is just black.

11-06-07, 12:51
Nope - I cant see it either :confused:

Bruce Carson
11-06-07, 15:36
There's definitely a vertical line, but it's about 1/6 of the width of the picture from the left edge.
It appears to go from the bottom edge to about three quarters of the way up towards the top edge.

Bruce C

11-06-07, 15:47
I can see it, most noticeable against the flat area of the blocked off fireplace in the first picture. Looks like you have a column of dead pixels. Send it of to Fuji and see what they say, you may be lucky and get a post-warranty goodwill repair. You've got nothing to lose except a bit of postage costs.

Don Hoey
11-06-07, 17:27
Yep I see it too.:( I'd follow Duncans advice.


11-06-07, 18:04
thanks guys - off to Fuji tomorrow :)

even better someone on another forum suggested looking at old photos - I've found one from April when it was in warranty with the line ...

its just I have't been doing any indoor/darker/longer exposure shots recently - hence I haven't noticed it.

cheers, Mark.

Canis Vulpes
11-06-07, 18:34
I see it 1/3 from the left. Try shooting RAW then view in conversion software to see if its the sensor output or a image processing anomaly.

I had a S2 pro for two years without hitch.

11-06-07, 18:56
good idea Stephen will try that later before I box it up ....

I hope it comes back in time for RIAT ....

better had !

11-06-07, 22:10
good idea Stephen will try that later before I box it up ....

I hope it comes back in time for RIAT ....

better had !

You'll just have to sweet talk your dad into him lending you his Nikon if it's away for too long. Got my tickets in the post on Saturday, see you there.

15-06-07, 22:41
got my "quote" today ....

540 pounds to repair ! they are taking the mick ...

I told them I was completely gobsmacked that they'd expect a sensor to only last 14 months (and 4.5K photos) - and therefore even though out of warranty I had expected it to be repaired for free. They are getting a customer service guy to call me at work on Monday. I certainly after this treatment - whether they decide to fix it or not after argument next week (or the small claims if that doesn't work) - will never buy a Fuji again - left a very bad taste in my mouth.

by the way - sorry - the "fault found" - was a fault that required a new CCD sensor.

is it reasonable to only expect a sensor to last 14 months and 4500 photos ?

to make matters worse - I heard from somone else tonight - who dropped their Nikon D200 in a pool of water ! Nikon replaced the CCD, and serviced the camera for 100 pounds !

Feel so disappointed in Fuji - I hope I don't have to see them in court. For 50 quid as I'm very stubbon I'd do it whether I thought I'd win or loose - but I'd be fairly confident that I could prove that a Pro-camera should last more than 14 months.

cheers, Mark.

Al Tee
15-06-07, 23:07
Thats not taking the "mick"..it's exploitation..christ ..you'd get a new D40x @ 10m pixels for that & still have change..

15-06-07, 23:30
If you are dealing through a camera shop a fair chunk of the £540 could be the shops mark up. Maybe worth trying to talk to fujifilm service dept direct. I Know it is in St Martins Way Bedford because I was in a building next door which also belongs to Fujifilm but another devision.

16-06-07, 07:22
thanks guys - I'll give Fuji the benefit of the doubt till Monday when I re-speak to them - perhaps they'll turn-around - just surprised they've tried it on with such a bill to start with.

and rob - no I went to Fuji direct (posted it myself etc) as I was beyond the 12 months.

annoything thing was that this was a great camera (still is - no with a few flaws) - best one I'd owned.

originally purchased the camera for 650 pounds so the repair cost is 83% of the original price I paid.


16-06-07, 14:11
Just got my paper version in the post of the quote ....

1 hour labour @ 47 + VAT

£400 + VAT for the CCD

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez !


Canis Vulpes
16-06-07, 16:27
It suggests to me that Fuji are not making many of those sensors when compared with Nikon (D200). Fuji probably do not enjoy the same scale of economy hence the high price.

The S2 had a batch fault and Fuji had a policy of free sensor repairs to any of the bad batch. Hope you receive similar service.

16-06-07, 17:02
thanks Stephen - over on the dpreview Fuji forum - had at least 1 other S3 user with exact same CCD fault, and one with the same fault on a S2 ...


18-06-07, 12:50
"Its a Pro camera designed for only 1 year of Professional heavy usage"

this is was Customer services said to me today - they're designed for one year of heavy Professional style usage, and the fact that I only use the camera lightly - with 4.5K shots was irrevelant in their eyes.

best they could offer was a 25% reduction in repair cost - but it would still be £450 - circa 900 dollars.

so my next recourse unfortunately (well fortunate that we have this clause in our UK law) - is to take it to small claims court - max cost is only 50 quid so nothing to loose - to prove that a camera of that expense should last more than a year - which should be easy enough

unfortuantely you have to take the seller to court (Jessops in this case) - which is annoying as they've been very helpful -but they're the ones that sold me the product that was "not fit for purpose"

will keep you updated - but was disappointed by Fuji's stance - and certainly won't be buying another of their poducts no matter how good.

S3 Pro was the best camera I owned - but if support is not there - then no matter how good the product is - its meaningless if you have a problem in the future.


18-06-07, 12:56

You're much more likely to get somewhere with the other Sale of Goods Act clause "Goods must be of merchantable quality". When sold, the camera was fit for purpose, it has developed a fault within an unreasonably short time frame, this is a quality issue, not a fit for purpose issue.

Perhaps any solicitors here could expand.


18-06-07, 13:03
I suspect that from a legal point of view Fuji are correct. EU law I think only enforces a 1 year warranty. But it does seem outrageous for the sensor to last only 1 year, and for Fuji to state that it was designed only to last that long.

Stephen might be right, but I also suspect they are trying to make money from the sensor repair. Make sure you publicise this elsewhere and the threat to S5 sales might make them change their mind.

I knew someone who was fairly wealthy, but he was a professional complainer. I would hear him on the phone at work, and he was quite rude and aggressive with sales customer support staff. But he got his way. He usually got a refund, or a rebate, or compensation, or a replacement. I found him an utter pain to deal with as he was totally selfish, but clearly it worked for him. I am sure you do not need to be rude like this person was to get results.

18-06-07, 13:04
Oh, and if you do publicise this elsewhere, such as dpreview, make sure you send a link to Fuji. Bad publicity hurts especially when the poster is polite and sticks to the facts.

18-06-07, 14:03
Some useful background information on this kind of thing, if you're thinking of taking it further:

21-06-07, 18:14
thanks Yelvertoft.

an update for you all - Jessops are being very helpful and I've sent the camera off to them to see what they can do - 10/10 on Jessops I have to say - complete step change vs atitude from Fuji.

I wrote to the MD and received a prompt reponse via email this evening - in summary it said that the Customer Services manager had specifically gone through the case with the MD, and they had both felt that the appropriate conclusion had been met - IE the 25% discount (still 450 pounds repair cost!) was justified and more than fair. They reminded me that even though I'd highlighted that the fault had occurred before warranty end - just I hadn't spotted it - that the onus was completey on the customer to spot failures in a timely manner and within the warranty period.

In summary I've replied and this is my genuine feeling - that I'll never buy another Fuji camera whether they bring out the best DSLR ever - as to me I just can't treat an expensive DSLR as a 12 month /throw-away item (practically).

Buyer beware.


21-06-07, 18:59
This attitude always puzzles me. Anyone reading this forum, who might have been thinking 'Fuji S5pro or Nikon D200', is certainly going to be less likely to go for the Fuji option if they have any worries about reliability. If fuji had agreed to help you for free or a nominal amount you'd have been recommending them to everyone - as it is you'd probably advise Nikon. Having a good attitude with regard to helping out when goods are just out of warranty brings more to a company in the end than having a dogmatic attitude over the cut off date - that's what the company I work for has found over the years anyway!

21-06-07, 19:05
thanks for the reply - surprised me too.

I would think even a 'Pro would erk at a 450 bill for a new sensor - it just wouldn't be cost economical.

I'm currently looking at D80s and D200s - but waiting for Jessops reply first (they'll get the camera tomorrow)

even if Jessops can't sort anything (and they said they would have swapped it if they had any remaining stock) - they have been very pleasant to deal with.