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23-06-07, 01:15
Thils is named

Anne following notes for Elements - not on the Interurban Can as Posted.

I have made a slight alteration to my ELEMENTS notes.
Much of it has not changed except at point 3 and 4 area

1. Open image SAVE AS to TIF 72 dpi at 600 X 400 pixels
2. Adjust Levels
3. Adjust color (if needed)
I do smugmug corrections here - if wanted - with this link - http://www.smugmug.com/help/skin-tone - SAVE
I do a tone match of a major part - like skin tones - to my GRAY SCALE & Value Finder
4. Resize and (Crop if needed) to 72 dpi at 600 X 400 pixels
5. USM - 100, 2, 7 for sliders
6. border
7. add signature.
8. I do a SAVE AS of colour file in TIF extension and put b & w in file name here and SAVE
I make b & w image with SATURATION TOOL - sliding SATURATION SLIDER to ZERO here and SAVE

To do file for prints
1. On BMP extension file work print at end of above - raise dpi to 300 and pixels to 3600 long and 2400 wide - SAVE
2. In FILE MENU click SAVE AS and SAVE a copy of file to JPG extension
3. Put enlarged JPG file on CD or DVD and take it printing shop dealing with proffessional photog's only for print - of any size to 8 X 12 inches

Anne's image has been done following these changes.

Norm D