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26-06-07, 13:55
Anne's image taken at a cafe yesterday. As I was working on it, I found a reproduction in my art book for a skin tone guide. I used my Gray Scale Value Finder on the art reproduction and and noted the tones. I tried to put the same tones - in the same areas -as close as possible - on Anne's image

With the flash quite close - Ann'es original was a bit brighter and paler. Working with the painting skin tones, helped bring in texture on the skin better. (The paler on the right is the original)

For artists in the group - the painting portrait is - "Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi" - 1540 - by Agnolo Bronzino in the Uffizi in Florence

Norm D

15-09-07, 15:24
I tried the same technique above on a subject outside in shade. I based my brightness on Anne's forehead over HER right eye. I used -(Minus) 6 on both my BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST sliders. Then added a very small amount of SHARPNESS and NO cropping.

It came out not too bad.

There is not a large difference in brightness - but it does help a bit.

Norm D

17-09-07, 21:26
However I do like this one - as I can view an image full length of the reproduction or by clicking on the circle on tlhe right side (below the arrow) to bring up a 'head and shoulders' study. Click it again and go back to the full length (of the reproduction) version.

The link is - http://www.mastersofportraitart.com/index.html

What I like is - I can use this technique with my GRAY SCALE/VALUE FINDER card on tlhe enlargement or full length to get a very good idea of the tonal value for skin and or clothes to use with my photos by matching the reproduction with the corresponding VALUE on the GS/VF card. These photos can be used for photo enlargements or for painting references. All I do is use the BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST controls on my art program to match the VALUE of the GS/VF to the applicable areas in my photos.

The cake in the image is worked up using this method.

Norm D

19-09-07, 05:34
One thing I did try just before supper, was to do an image of Anne at Waterfront
Park. This image - I enlarged the face to a head and shoulder size only. This gave
me the opportunity to check various parts of the face with the GS/VF card. Along
with that, I was able to bring in the buildings in the city to a proper VALUE on the
card as well. I really enjoyed doing that one.

The idea is based on a link in an art program - http://www.mastersofportraitart.com/index.html
where I can bring in the full length of the art work or just a head and shoulder to check my
card against a small area.

Norm D