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17-07-07, 20:02
Hello All

For those who want to do a double check of their image highlights and mid
tones - I mada a quick test card with bond paper and grey card.

I made a work file on BMP at 300 dpi at 12 X 8 inches.

My image - on PORTRAIT Setting - was done under room lights and NO FLASH.
On the P C, I worked up the image based on the white on the Grey Card and
checking the mid tones as I went along.

I wrote all values I came across on my work on the grey card copy and applied
them to the copy without the grey card.

When I finished, I resized the B M P to 72 at 9 X 6 inches. Then I initialled it.
Next I did a SAVE AS (File Menu) to JPG and a second SAVE AS on JPG
for the b & w image.

Norm D

17-07-07, 20:14
Here is the copy without the Grey Card using the numbers obtained in the Grey Card image.

Norm D