View Full Version : free Photography video Cd's to DvD?

27-07-07, 17:42
Quick question does anyone know if its possible to copy the free tutorial videos you get on the free Cd's with most Digital Photo magazines onto DVD so i can watch them on my normal dvd player?
I have 100's of hours of great lessons but cannot view them and use laptop at the same time 8-(
Any ideas?

27-07-07, 19:34

I doubt it will be possible. The videos will be in a format that can be read by a PC (or Mac). Your DVD player will be looking for a different format of data, indeed the whole format of the disc will be different, not just the files that are on it.

I stand to be corrected on this, as DVD player technology is still moving fast, and players are getting ever more clever at the file formats they can play, but I'll be surprised if they can do what you want at the moment.


27-07-07, 20:09
Cheers Duncan,
I get the point, shame as they would be very useful if they worked on the dvd player.
Not to worry
Thanks again