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28-07-07, 19:03
my dad has an old camera with a bunch of atachments and i'm not sure what it is but he keeps talking about how he can take double exsposures with it i understand how it works but i can't picture how it would work does any one have some pictures

29-07-07, 12:38

With a film camera, a double exposure is where the same piece of film has been exposed to two different scenes. With digital cameras, as there is no film, this technique is now usually done in a photo editing package such as Photoshop.

Some can be seen here:

Some of our Photoshop experts can probably come up with some examples of how to do this digitally.


30-07-07, 16:55

Al Tee has just posted this picture
Which I think is an excellent example of a digital photo double exposure.


Canis Vulpes
30-07-07, 20:36
Multiple exposures are possible using a DSLR whether in photoshop or DSLR itself.

Here is one I did some months ago where the object was to use flash to detail the camera but this would show the screen black even though on so multiple exposure was used in camera to have a second ambient light showing monitor only then combining the two.

Multiple exposure feature is available in a Nikon D2X but not on the very similar D2Hs so not all cameras have this feature.


I am planning another and when complete will post.