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11-08-07, 11:14
hi all has anybody had any experiance of a samsung gx -1l thanks in advance ken powell

11-08-07, 12:46

The Samsung GX-1L is a copy of the Pentax *ist-DL2. I have used the *ist-DS for several years, and Mrs Y continues to put my old body to good use, so to speak.

The Samsung stuff is near as darn it identical to the Pentax equivalent models in all but the badging. There used to be a worthwhile cost saving with the Samsung badged items, though the Pentax bits have generally fallen in price to meet them now. I liked the DS and the DL series was very similar by all accounts, though the AF isn't the fastest on the DS, the DL series made improvements. All these models are very capable cameras for the money. As you probably know, the Samsung range can take Pentax fit lenses, and also flashguns etc.

If I was in the market for such a camera, I'd take a very good look at the Pentax K100D, Samsung unfortunately don't do an equivalent to this model, but you can pick up the K100D for a steal of a price of £280 including the kit lens from a variety of places, including Jessops. The K100D has built in shake reduction which makes it a much better deal than the Samsung - none of which have this feature.

Assuming you've found a bargain, what price can you get the GX-1L for? You can get a refurbished DL2 with 12 months warranty for £230 from
Though, I'd say that a brand new K100D for £50 more is a no-brainer.



12-08-07, 08:59
hi duncan i seen a gx-1l on europe express site 18-55 +55-200 lens +1gb card my daughter is buying me a dslr for my birthday this one was £33o but i think i,ll go for an oly e500 as i,v got to keep the price reasonable and i,v read some good reveiws of the oly all the best ken powell