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22-08-07, 21:18
As some of you would have already read, Ive just started out on my first DSLR journey and Im looking for some general technique and usage advice

I would like to take my time to learn everyday, artistic style, night time, macro, telephoto etc

any advice would be helpfull


24-08-07, 03:51
There is now quite a bit of stuff on the Net and check the WPF discussions because members will advise good sites from time to time. Use search engines such as Google or Dogpile and check art sites as well as digital technique sites because the art sites will often have valuable stuff re composition etc.
Interesting site - http://photoinf.com/

24-08-07, 07:55

That's quite a broad question you're asking here. As you are after such general advice, a good start would be a Photography text book. Have a look on Amazon to see what others have bought and recommended.

As snapper has said, take a good look around the rest of WPF, there's an awful lot of advice alreadly bene posted in here. Use the search facility on the banner at the top of the page to search for some specific terms. You mention night time, macro and telephoto, I know that these topics have already been covered in previous threads. If you see something in the gallery and think "I wonder how they did that?" then send the poster a PM (private message) or email to ask the question; you may find the original poster isn't particularly active though, so don't expect an instant reply.

As for artistic style, that's a whole different game. Again, look at the gallery, look at other people's work in books, magazines, online resources. Take a look at what they've done and think about what you like about a picture and what you don't. An artistic style is by its very nature, something unique to the artist. You will develp your own style over time, this will come with practice.

Above all, get out there and take pictures. There is no substitute for practice and experience. This is the great benefit of digital, the immediate feedback and the low cost per shot once you've made the original investment. It costs nothing for you to experiment. Some experiments will work, others won't. You'll find plenty of people to give advice if you post your pics in the critique forum, though there is a tendency for people to ignore something that doesn't appeal rather than having to state to the poster that it doesn't appeal to them.

Hope this helps.



27-08-07, 22:46
Aye, thanks for that Duncan

I'll have a good look around, hopefully tomorrow if I get through my PP of the Harewood shots from yesterday...both Woolleson and myself were busy snappers all day so theres plenty to get through

I'll be dropping a couple of shots in the gallery in the next couple of days so hopefully get some comments and advice on them (although, once again, Woolleson is a good tutor ;))

Im completely into this photography thing, Im just utterly amazed at how much of a money pit it can be.........now, for my next lens haha