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12-09-07, 13:08
Following are links for a couple of sites that - although for painters - do give excellent ideas on how to do protraits. Myself, I found the ideas quite interesting - and will be helpful - in laying out a portrait.


The last one is a screen calibration from the protrait site to get the best from the reproductions.

Norm D

12-09-07, 19:11
where you been Norm?!

12-09-07, 21:07

I have been away for a bit - self-learning my videocam. Like anything else, I needed a break and thought this might be an interesting task - which it was. I love the video for motion and sound studies - especially seeing the images on the T V. as it makes the subjects come to life more.

If I do still subjects - like a portrait - that I will do a still image. It is nice to have the ability to do both.

Best wishes.

Norm D