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26-09-07, 22:41
Hi folks, I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I have been very lucky, as somebody has given me a Nikon FT2 slr that seems to work ok.
This would be excellent if only I had a clue on how to use it effectively.
All though I'm in my mid 40s, it's only recently that an interest in photography has grown. (Grown into an obsession I think) But.. Always a but, have you noticed? I've only ever used digital, and now it's time to think I dont know if I have the equipment neccessary.
Could anybody point me in the right direction for literature to read, either mags, books or internet, mainly on things like exposure I think to start with?
So far I've had one film developed and most of the shots were fine, but because of that I'm now hooked. If they were rubbish I could easily ignore the whole idea and carry on with digital, but using a camera that hasn't been used for nigh on 30 years really has given me a buzz.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

27-09-07, 12:10
Regarding things to read, you could start off with the stickies at the top of this very sub forum. Regarding equipment, as you seem to have got some fine results with what you have, I'd say you have some fine working equipment with what you've got. There really isn't that much that is different in terms of photographic technique between film and digital. It's just that you get the feedback immediately with digital, you have to wait for your prints to come back from the lab with film, by which time you may well have forgotten what you did to achieve the results you achieved. You are doing the same things photographically speaking with the camera, analogue or digital, it's only the output medium that's different. Get out there, get using it, make lots of notes (no EXIF remember), you'll be a better photographer for it, there's no substitute for practice.