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04-10-07, 20:11
These studies are based on ideas put forth in a book by commissioned portrait painter VIRGIL ELLIOTT. The book is named TRADITIONAL OIL PAINTING

In the book, it is suggested that adults' chins are to be placed over the mid point in the frame - which these are - for respect the authour says.

We think his idea gives a quite good study that way.

Norm D

05-10-07, 06:55
I always thought the conventional hight for camera's lens is at the eye level of subject.

05-10-07, 07:16
When you say 'over' do you 'above' or 'on'? Images seem slightly out of balance to me - too much body and not enough space above the heads. But then, that could be just me.

05-10-07, 08:57
Sassan and Mike

I did copy the idea of the authour only. I did not want to copy everything word for word and get in trouble.

Mike - sorry about the wrong word - it should have been above the center of the frame.

The painting reproductions in the book and on the web site where this author is located show some very high end work - so I do not know if photo art is supposed to be different that painter's art or no as for subject placement. The artists' names are in a link on the left side of the home page. If they do these high-end people, they must know something about art - or the subjects would not choose them for their portrait.

Here is the link to the web site and the high end commissions these artit's have painted. http://www.portraitartist.com/

My images are a bit long in the body, as I did not want to change his idea and used the full frame. However I do have one that I did make it less in the body and it looks a bit better. it is going to take time get just the right look to my images - but I am going to stay with it. I am going to have to work on leaving a bit more space over the head of the subject as well.

Overall, I think I like this idea better than what have done in past times.

Norm D

05-10-07, 13:12
Further to my last note - here is the authour/artist's website. Reading this, I feel he knows of what he speaks - especially reading his Bio.

Here is a link to his site; http://www.virgilelliott.com:80/index.php

Here is a link to a screen calibration site with a good selection of colours and skin tones for reference; http://www.gandynet.com/art/color.htm

Norm D

05-10-07, 14:07