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28-10-07, 02:00
Norm (nldunne) posted a Gallery shot that included a Gretag Macbeth Colour chart. If you do this it is worth checking the colour balance and saturation against the chart. This is best done by taking measurements with the eye dropper rather than trying to gauge it by eye. The first thing that strikes you about Norm's shot is the very warm saturated colours. I have taken the liberty to make some crude adjustments to bring the colours more inline with the chart.

The adjusted version is on the left, an electronic version of the chart in the centre and a resized original on the right.

02-11-07, 00:06
I don't know if this is of any help, but I have often referred people to Norman Koren site. Has excellent links and downloads to colour balance and is explained very well.


Hope it is use