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24-11-07, 17:08
Mine arrived early this morning, but only just got around to trying it out at home. Took some indoor shots of my cats and I really cannot beleive the quality, at ISO 3200 there is virtually no noise to speak of - amazing!

I will post some sample pics later.

24-11-07, 18:33
Congrats Derek - perhaps all replies should be in green! Looking forward to posted examples.

Canis Vulpes
24-11-07, 19:09

25-11-07, 22:13
Jammy so and so, I'm still waiting for mine.


Canis Vulpes
26-11-07, 18:13
Any test shots, what your opinion of the D300?

26-11-07, 19:50
Any test shots, what your opinion of the D300?

Very busy this weekend, so the planned trip never happened. I did take some test shot's - I'll upload shortly.

My initial feeling is it is a brilliant bit of kit, the live view is good, the rear screen is so good you can review your images 'properly' and the focus tracking is fast AND accurate - I tracked a very small (grey) bird across a grey sky and while it was too far away to get a good shot, it stayed in focus.

I'll do a proper review as soon as I can and post some quality images soon.

16-12-07, 23:12
I'll look forward to seeing your images: I got my camera a couple of days ago. I'm sure there are loads of settings I haven't yet sussed out! I'm surprised how comfortable it is to hold - I tried the D200 some time ago and found it quite heavy, but this is really good. I'm certainly glad I didn't go for the 200...

23-01-08, 14:47
Hope to see some nice output posted in the gallery.

Vectis Birder
23-01-08, 19:55
I'm envious! I have a lot of saving to do - got to get a permanent job first...