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31-12-07, 11:24
OK I've had time to test this camera a bit and have to say I'm impressed, with both the AF (much, much faster than the D80) and the image quality at higher ISO's.

Take note all you 'twitchers' -The 3D tracking works very well indeed.

But... I put it on Program mode on Sunday when I shot a 4x4 rally (pictures in the gallery) and it overexposed every single shot (150+) by at least 1 stop. Some were in the open, some in shade/woods. Now I know it's unlikely I'll use this mode much, but I do often give my camera to my wife and wanted to test how well it handled 'full auto' mode. Well the answer is "not very well". Obviously I could dial in compensation, but I should not have to.

Luckily the above were all shot in RAW, so no problems adjusting. Had it been jpg, then I would have had some problem images.

31-12-07, 12:37
Excellent report Derek.
I know from the ones we demo at work that the AF sensor, even in the older D200 was much faster than the D80....but only really massively noticeable with the faster f2.8 lenses...much less hunting
Nikon have launched some impressive beasts.....not to detract from the D80 and older D200, which are still impressive cameras tho.

31-12-07, 13:00
Nice set of Rally shots Derek - The D300 seems to be very good in the focus department.

Roy C
31-12-07, 22:31
Glad you are enjoying it Derek. This certainly looks like it is the first Nikon to seriously challenge Canon's domination of bird photography. Can only be good for even us Canon guys as they will have to pull their finger out now.

01-01-08, 10:15
Isn't the AF speed partly related to the lens? (having tried an ancient Nikkor 70-300G chucked out, rightly, by my son, but what else and remain solvent?)