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02-01-08, 06:39
This is a dedication to Lesley and also anyone else who loves portrait photography.
Even if you don't, you can see the most beautiful faces of human being ever created by God! So buckle up and give it a go, you won't regret. Additionally years of portrait photography technique is condensed in these few minutes. Have fun.

L I N K (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEc4YWICeXk&NR=1)

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Rudra Sen
02-01-08, 07:17
Nice find Sassan.

02-01-08, 12:58
Great find Sassan

graham harcombe
02-01-08, 13:45
Strangely compelling.

02-01-08, 22:15
Thanks,Sassan,lots of my fav stars from yesteryear(this does not look grammatically correct!!!)
Amazing editing .

04-01-08, 23:00
What an absolutely amazing piece of image editing - I wonder what software was used

Mrs Yelvertoft
06-01-08, 12:30
This is great, and worth watching a few times. I think the natural place to look is the eyes, but try watching the lips!


11-01-08, 05:11
Hi Dear Friends;

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Have fun.