View Full Version : Old Canon EOS 500 35mm SLR

Vectis Birder
21-01-08, 22:31
While digging about in a cupboard here at home for a missing CD I came across some hidden treasure: a Canon EOS 500 35mm SLR with 35-80mm Canon lens attached.

I found a couple of CR123 batteries which were knocking around and put them in and the camera appears to be in good working order. Do you reckon it's worth getting a long lens for and taking slides or prints for a bit of fun?


22-01-08, 00:25
The short answer is of course it is!
We had a 500n (silver version) for a short while.
A nice lightweight and easy to use film camera, with a conveniently quiet shutter and drive mechanism.

If you do get a long lens for it (how long you thinking?), check to see whether it is chipped for , and can be used on digital bodies. Most newer lenses are (but not all). Doing this will save you replacing the lens if you want to use it with an eos digital body at a later date.

good luck

Vectis Birder
23-01-08, 19:58
Great, thanks Joe.

I have a Nikon digital system, but I'm also tempted by Canon digital cameras, too. I love both Nikon and Canon. :D