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29-01-08, 13:57
Hi - can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, please? I have 2 separate folders of images and wish to name the images in the first folder as 001 - 015.
I want to rename the second folder as 016 to 057.

I've gone to IPTC, selected all, right clicked on one and made the changes which show the sample for the naming process as 001_Framptonxxx.nef, which is what I want. However, when this is actioned, the first number is 000_Frampton etc. I've also tried right clicking when all are selected.

I can't get the second folder to start at 016: although the sample shows it to be correct - it too starts at 000.

It's probably something so obvious but at the moment I just can't see it.


29-01-08, 14:34
Are you sure you really want to do this? If so I will try to suss it out and report back, but suggest it is better to leave the originals with their file no in folders called boring names like nef1000-1500 and also file jpg extracts in folder marked Frampton0801 and still including the original file no + mod letters if necessary. Speaking 6 years and 4th camera on.

29-01-08, 15:32
Chris - I'm not using jpegs at all. Is there a reason why I shouldn't do it this way, please? Does it matter how they are numbered, if I renumber, then back up to dvd/hard drive? Maybe I'm missing something, am I?

Up until last night (when we had a demonstration from one of our club members who described his workflow) I used FileRenamer to do as I described.

29-01-08, 18:18
I don't think IPTC comes into it.
Select the folder etc as you have done
From main menu batch>options opens batch option box
Press 'batch process' tab
Adjust source and destination folders, check 'rename' box and press edit
This opens File naming box
If I understand what you want correctly, press 'none' on both sides, then required starting number. Then OK that and 'start' in Rename.
If you wanted to include eg Frampton in the file name, you would need to have done that by hand on the 1st file in the browser window, by clicking on it to highlight and rename; in that case use 'original name' in the File naming box & suffix new no

One reason for having .jpg s available is if you post to the/a forum you need a 200 kb file to post, the other is if you want to use either a slideshow function or browser in other progs to run through a number of pics, .nefs take a bit longer to unravel.

29-01-08, 19:35
Thanks, Chris, but whichever way I try, it still renumbers the second folder fron 000. Guess I'll have to go back to FileRenamer! I can get the Frampton bit to show by entering it as a new name in the suffix box.

29-01-08, 20:05
Cracked it - I can do exactly what I want in ViewNX. There's an option to reset the number to zero each time you use it, and the default is to carry on from where you left off.