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07-08-08, 17:18
Hi all,
I wish to upload some photos to this forum but the file size limit [400kb]seems small, compared to how I usually have mine set, which is large [4-6mb]. Should I change the image size setting to small or should I just resize the photo before posting?

07-08-08, 18:04
Hello Sam, welcome to the forum.
For viewing in web pages you don't really need to post anything larger than 1024 on the longest side and 200kb to give good viewing. Make a copy of your original and then resize.

There is more information on this page.

John Hallas
07-08-08, 18:27
Just think how long 4-6Mb would take to upload and then how long it would take anyone to actually open the picture for viewing.

07-08-08, 19:02
Sam, leave your camera set to take "large" pictures, make a copy of your original, then resize the copy to the limits Saphire has suggested. Follow the link in my signature file for more information on gallery postings.


09-08-08, 21:04
Cheers guys

10-08-08, 19:04
Photoshop has a save for web option which will do most of this for you. Sset size to 1000 longest and quality about 60.:)