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22-04-09, 22:07
I'm trying to find out how to get the black background, you see on so many still life shots. I've been ploughing through these threads and having no joy.Can anyone help please.

23-04-09, 07:59
Use a sheet of black cloth, you can buy a variety of different fabrics from a sewing shop very cheaply. That and a few carborad boxes to drape it over works quite well. For bigger stuff, drape it over a clothes drying rack or similar. Depending on hte size of the subject, you could use some black clothing you already posess.

Use of flash (not at slow-synch speed) can often render the background black, depending on how you're using the flash and where it is relative to the subject.

Our member Rudra Sen showed us a great use for a bit of glass. Take a sheet of glass (taking one from an old picture frame is a cheap easy source), paint one side of it matt black, use as a base for still life painted side down. The black painted side gives a black mirror effect and also kills any reflection you would otherwise get from the underside face of the glass.