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29-05-09, 10:05
okay i have tried to do my folio on the fly (in the past 3 days) in between working too
anyways here goes, be as harsh as you like (i don't like the nightshot's to be honest, too much flare in them)
ugh I'm never using my lens hood again...
You don't have to critique them one by one, all i am asking is that you critique it as a whole folio (its to enter college which i doubt ill get into as I rushed the images and they are pretty rubbish imo)
It was my first time trying night photography, the only thing i have doen to the images (night ones) is lower the temperature to remove the yellow colour caused by the street lights


p.s. sorry for posting so many in one post, just really urgent, im going shooting again today hopefully and again tomorrow and if i can sunday, my interview is Monday at 2pm
I am making a template atm

for those of you who cant go on those links or just can't be bothered here is a template with them on it (they are thumbnail size though)

29-05-09, 10:26
Hi there, I've looked through them all - As a folio, I'd say it shows promise but looks a bit rushed. Eg, you've chopped off the bottom of the duck, the portrait format of two swans - I'd like to see the top one cropped off and concentrate on the lower one - Framed in a hurry or caught in two minds? As for the night shots I like them best of all, careful post processing could improve them and I also think you might need a very sturdy tripod. Love the three wise monkeys but needs to be larger - Not bad, as I say shows promise.

29-05-09, 10:52
thankyou, this is one of my template pages (waiting till tomorrow to make my other pages incase i get more pics, but i know that is the last of the night photography for now)

29-05-09, 11:17
Just a quick run through

1) flare shows promise
2) Not sure what the subject is, Reflection or Building or Ship
3)Blurred, as Andy has suggested use tripod otherwise good
4) Shows promise
5) Not as good as 3, Lights in background distracting
6) Under Exposed, Swan photography not as easy as it looks, also try a low level
7) Duck Andy ?? surely you know it is a goose :) Bottom cropped
8) Blurred otherwise good
9) Agree with Andy upper one is distracting
10) Poor pose and lighting
11) Agree with Andy good but needs to be larger
12) Verticals and poor crop, Bit of building 1/2 way up on the right
13) Verticals and Horizontals otherwise shows promise
14) Shows promise

Good luck on Monday

29-05-09, 11:42
A quick tweak of one of your shots, do you feel it improves it ?

29-05-09, 12:44
what did you do? looks the same

perhaps a little more pinkish mind you (warmer)

seems as though you put a warming filter on it and upped the contrast?

p.s. thanks for the replies (Y)

29-05-09, 12:50

What's the subject of the portfolio? It will help peple to judge how effectively you've fulfilled the brief if they know what the brief is.

Also, attaching the images as robski has done will mean more people can see them. I'm at work (at lunch) at the moment and our company firewall is blocking access to your links. Because of this, I cannot view them or critique with the urgency you require.

Please read and follow the "sticky" post at the top of the critique forum to get the best response to your request.

29-05-09, 13:20
They generally appear underexposed, soft and lacking contrast. Non of the images stand out. However, a bit of Photoshop tweaking should make quite a bit of difference. Remember to keep verticals vertical.

29-05-09, 13:24
there ya go updated post with a small catalogue of the images

29-05-09, 16:06
You got 2 out of 3 William.

The last one was a bit of distortion to correct verticals.

I agree with Duncan does your portfolio have to follow a theme ? I would be inclined to leave your pond shots out.

29-05-09, 18:38
nope just "a portfolio of your work"

29-05-09, 20:10
Agree with Rob, leave the pond shots out, they really clash with the urban scenes.

Give the levels a tweak in photoshop to make the images have a bit more contrast. As it is, everything is shades of mid grey.

29-05-09, 21:29
The urban shots are far better than the birds on the pond which are very weak. Good luck by the way.