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J A Mortram
09-06-09, 02:00
Help!!! I have a days shooting cars at a racing circuit this coming Thursday... any advice will be warmly (and much needed!) appreciated : )

Many thanks,



09-06-09, 02:55
First you need to say where you'll be positioned? On a straight? On a corner? If on a straight, you need to brush up on panning. Trusting to high shutter speed may not cut it.
Whatever, use the fastest aperture you got so the background (combined with panning) nicely blurred. You'll be too far away from the action to get any part of the car out of focus.
2nd, how far away? Out of the paddock and you can be quite some distance away from the action. If unsure, best bet is a zoom, the longest you got.
Thursday sounds like a practice day? In which case - pack a wide angle as well, for those 'arty' car shots and up close driver shots :)

Have fun :)

09-06-09, 08:29
Practice panning, lots of practice. Go take shots of cars driving down the street to practice.

J A Mortram
09-06-09, 22:45
Thanks a lot for your advice. Will pst the results... if I get any good ones ; ) after Thursday! : D



09-06-09, 23:31
Look forward to seeing them Jim, been years since I was at a race track :)

10-06-09, 18:36
You may find this discussion useful - Aimed at canon users, but should fit all makes:-


J A Mortram
11-06-09, 04:25
Many thanks : )