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KC Foggin
16-01-06, 00:26
I think I am coming to grips with the DSLR phenom ;) At least I'm deleting less shots now. All manual settings too!

16-01-06, 08:53
I say! I think you jolly well have got the hang of it. Well done.

Don Hoey
16-01-06, 22:35
Ever so well done KC. To think this was all new territory for you at Christmas and you are now using manual and producing images like this. Amazing. :) :) :)


16-01-06, 22:47
Congrats,KC,keep them coming.

KC Foggin
17-01-06, 00:15
Thanks guys. Next step is to learn about shooting in the raw. ;)

Tom Charles
17-01-06, 02:39
You wanna watch shooting in the raw KC, could take someones eye out! ;)

That is a pretty decent shot. One to be very proud of!

17-01-06, 07:26
In the RAW - and I thought this was a family site!

17-01-06, 12:51
Thanks guys. Next step is to learn about shooting in the raw. ;)

Oooh-er KC, I know it's fairly warm in that part of the USA but isn't that taking things a bit far?

No-one else volunteered to put their head above the parapet when asked, so I've put together a raw primer.


KC Foggin
17-01-06, 13:18
I guess I have been hanging around BF too long as I seem to I have become a "provocative poster" w/o realizing it.

Raw Mode people as in camera !!!! ;)

Duncan... thank you for taking me seriously and I shall do some studying now ;)

17-01-06, 13:19
...and who says photography is difficult? nice one KC upwards and onwards from now on ;)