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Matt Green
16-08-09, 13:16
Lately I've been thinking about getting a new camera, still stuck with a borrowed compact but I want something that will cope a bit better in tricky light situations etc. I've heard much about the Panasonic FZ28 but very much doubt I'll have any need for it's massive zoom, I only really want to take landscapes and buildings etc (not wildlife)

I can't possibly afford an entry model SLR at the moment!!

With this in mind are there any alternatives to consider to the above?

Many thanks


16-08-09, 15:41
Hi Mat, The only thing niggling me is,
I want something that will cope a bit better in tricky light situations etc
The Panasonics are a good camera I have the FZ50 but it suffers with noise at ISO 400 so if your thinking of using this in low light I think you would be better off looking at a used DSLR you could pick one up for the price of a new FZ28, I sold a 400D with kit lens for 250 the other month so they are out there.


16-08-09, 16:28
Any compact will struggle with low light. However, try these links:-
Hope they help.

graham harcombe
17-08-09, 05:05
I have the FZ-30 which serves me fairly well. I would say that its greatest limitation is its poor low light performance. ISO 400 suffers badly from noise especially noticeable in large self coloured areas like sky.

The big zoom I use a lot on architecture as well as wild life, but here again the speed limitation makes wildlife photography a subject for 'ideal' sunny conditions.


17-08-09, 09:53
I really doubt that the Panasonic will have much better low light performance than your current compact. The small sensors in compacts makes the high ISO performance and the dynamic range much poorer than any DSLR. As you don't need the zoom range I think a DSLR would be a much better way to spend your money. You can pick up a new Sony A200 with kit lens for less than a new FZ28 and I'm sure it's low light performance would be streets ahead. An even cheaper option would be to buy a secondhand camera, either from private sale on one of the forums (they come up fairly regularly on BF) or from a dealer. Philips cameras in Norwich and Norfolk Camera Centre in Dereham are two well respected local dealers.

Matt Green
17-08-09, 20:48
Thanks for all the suggestions folks!

Think I'll take the above advice and try and get hold of a second hand DSLR as and when I can afford to.


01-11-09, 12:57
Many of the comments about the Panasonic DMC-FZ28 seem to be based on assumptions of what to expect from a compact camera because of the relatively small size of the sensor. The size of the sensor can be an issue, but you also need to consider lens quality and the processing software in the camera.