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13-09-09, 18:40
Hi all i was wondering if someone could help me to understand. I was with a photographer the other day and he was using center focus point to focus then recomposing the shot to get what he wanted but keeping the main subject in focus. Now i cant sem to get my head around this as surely if you move the camera and recompose the shot what you inatially focused on would have changed. Maybe im being dumb.

13-09-09, 18:46

If when the AF is activated by a half-press of the shutter release button, the button is held in this position, the point of focus will not change when the button is pressed fully to take the picture. Holding the button halfway down and keeping it there locks the AF at the point the lock was obtained. Releasing the button and then recomposing would do as you say.

I quite often use the technique the photographer you met was using, it helps ensure the bit you want to be in focus is the point the camera choses. If you leave it entirely up to the camera, it may pick a point you don't want to be the main point of interest.

The trick is to keep the button half pressed when recomposing. If you read the manual for your camera it will describe this feature.

13-09-09, 20:33
depending on the camera you're using you might need to alter the AF mode to use this method.

13-09-09, 21:06
I use manual focus most of the time...far more reliable, and I can blame myself when it goes wrong. Call me old-school if you wish, I don't like the idea of full automation ;-)

14-09-09, 16:09
Thankyou for your input i'll go and play and see what i come up with.