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06-10-09, 09:10
Hi All

I am doing a photo shoot for a local curling club on friday that will involve the players playing and a few group shots afterwards.

And was just looking for some tips.

06-10-09, 12:30

if you're shooting in an ice rink withbright white areas, the cameras metering system will not know this nad have a tendency to underexpose all your shots. Set the exposure compensation to +1, or maybe +1.5 to allow for this. If you can get to the venue beforehand and experiment with this it will be helpful.

Think about the angles you are going to shoot from, it will ook dull and boring if all pictures of the action are taken from your standing position. Try getting low, very low, getting in close and doing some tight crops of the curler's faces. This is a sport that's all about tension and concentration, work on that, this is what you have to capture.

06-10-09, 15:48
If i shoot the pictures in raw format would that also help im not sure if you can correct the exposure afterwards this way

06-10-09, 19:59
Shooting in RAW gives you a little more leeway as it has a greater dynamic range and lets you play with colour temperature better but best to get things as correct as possible in camera.

06-10-09, 22:04
Like all sports photography, a knowledge of the sport will help you anticipate where the best shots are likely to be. Never forget the spectators - some good candid shots can be had - anticipation, elation, or disappointment on faces make good images.