View Full Version : Compact suitable for real time, remote AV OUT viewing?

02-12-09, 14:23
I'm looking for the best compact camera up to 300/$500 that is suitable for my radio controlled aerial photography project.
There are two specific criteria when it comes to choice.

1) The camera must have an AV out, or at least a V out, to allow the attachment of a transmitter to allow me to monitor both still and video shots in real time from the ground, via a monitor.
I would need to see the still shots at least up to the point of shutter release with the minimum amount of blackout afterwards while continuous viewing of video would be required.
Example pic (http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv226/tomspublicphotos/Miscellaneous/CameraTXMontage.jpg)

2) The camera must be capable of HD video.

Other usual factors, would be good: 10-12m pixels, image stabilisation etc.


03-12-09, 10:03
Hi Tommy, just remembered, someone else in the forum does something similar but they use a Large Kite as the aerial platform - which has greater stability and can lift larger loads. I'll try and link you up.

03-12-09, 10:09
Thanks, appreciate it.