View Full Version : nikon d60 dust problem

29-01-10, 22:50
I purchased a nikon d60 whilst traveling last year in Brisbane oz.
A few weeks after buying it, I noticed a little dust behind the lcd
screen on the back. The dust does'nt seem to effect the pictures
in any way, but i find it a little annoying all the same. I had already
moved on from brisbane when i noticed the problem so could'nt take
the camera back to the shop. I live in the uk, so not sure where i
stand with the warrenty, being that i bought the camera in Australia.

Is there ny way i can fix this myself, as it looks like i may have to pay
for nikon to repair the camera.

Has anyone else experienced this problem.

31-01-10, 14:55
Not worth the effort of fixing I'd say. Dust on the LCD cannot possibly affect the pictures you are taking. You are presumably looking at the final pictures in some other way, only using the screen for quick "chimping". Live with it.

31-01-10, 18:17
As Duncan says it will not affect the photos at all. The screen could be dealt with but why bother unless it is truly awful?

02-02-10, 21:11
Fair pont, just wondered if anyone knew of a uick solution really.

21-02-10, 21:53
An independant repairer is likely to charge around 60 to remove, clean and fasten a new replacement screen cover (the covers usually get marked in the removal procedure). It's easier to get Nikon replacement spare parts from the states for some reason. coincidentally, I've seen 2x Nikon D60 bodies in the last month with the cover print saying 'for Nikon' where the Nikon logo would normally be. Perhaps suggests there might have been a batch with poor sealing (or clumsy owners who scratched the covers??) that have then been sorted with after-market non oem LCD screen covers?? weird, or maybe just a fluke. I don't know....maybe there's a Chinese ebay seller flogging spare copy parts now?

However I would second guess saying yours isnt worth doing if only a little dust is in there.

22-02-10, 18:36
Thanks for the reply, im cool with it now, learned to live with it. Doesnt seem to of got any worse and doesnt effect the pictures taken.