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bob bothner
15-02-10, 18:51
Hi, i was wondering wether there was a way to get more color into the pics, for example by having a long exposure time? without any filters. thx, some of my pics are cruelly missing color...:(

15-02-10, 19:59
1) Check your camera settings, you can always choose vivid for instance.
2) Get the exposure correct. If it is not then quality drops.
3) Increase saturation in your editing programme.
Best to combine 2 and 3 as gives you most control.
Just a thought if you are shooting in RAW then editing in a programme is essential as RAW always looks flat. If you do not want to get into RAW editing make sure the camera is set to highest quality JPEG.

15-02-10, 20:04
I don’t think exposing longer would increase colour, most people increase colour and whatever in PP “post-processing” what camera do you have and can you post any samples?


bob bothner
15-02-10, 21:34
Thanks a lot, I'm new to photography and trying to learn about it, you're a great help. :) I've got a Nikon D60, shoot in the highest quality Jpeg, and use a Tamron 18-270 mm VR f/3.5-6.3

bob bothner
15-02-10, 21:43
here is an example for the dull colors...
sorry about the double post.

15-02-10, 23:12
As robski has mentioned in the other post, it's primarily because you've taken the picture in dull, flat, overcast light conditions. Dull light=dull images.

16-02-10, 10:15
Another thought, make sure your monitor is calibrated properly when PP ing and viewing your shots. I bought a lovely new monitor but the default settings were way out, I was amazed at the difference when I calibrated with a Spyder. Well worth the 89 for the Spyder Pro 2, at least you know what you are seeing is there.
As well as colour contrast is worth playing with as well if the lighting is dull.

17-02-10, 00:49

I'm with Mike on the Spyder Pro 2 investment - if you take your photography seriously then you have to calibrate your monitor to ensure that you're working to industry colour management standards. Shooting in RAW and using a good post RAW conversion package can provide you with loads of contrast and saturation adjustment. However the wrong light can rob the best subject and composition of any impact.

Good luck


bob bothner
17-02-10, 07:56
Thx a lot. Thing is, as a high school student I'm afraid I don't have that kind of money to spend on that... :(
do you know of a free version or something less expensive i could calibrate the monitor with?

17-02-10, 12:14
Hi Bob
I you guess you know this but in case you dont.
Try Enhance - Auto Smart Fix. I use it on a copy and turn copy off and on to see if it looks better. Most of the time it is. If not then just undo or deleat copy.
I would not say Auto Smart Fix is great but its a good starting point.

17-02-10, 18:16
What do you use for image processing and what is your work flow? I use Elements and always start with Levels which often makes a quite a startling difference.

17-02-10, 18:54
Hi Bob, this LINK (http://www.photofriday.com/calibrate.php) OR this LINK (http://www.wikihow.com/Calibrate-Your-Monitor) may help you start getting your monitor right and its free. If you Google "monitor calibration", there is a lot of free stuff on the net and also look for a program that does the calibration and see if they have a free trial period .... if so, use it, calibrate monitor and then chuck it away.

17-02-10, 22:05
Alternatively, get the photos printed and see if you like them.

17-02-10, 22:14
The problem is they can look great on screen but completely different in print because the monitor is not calibrated and it is an expensive mugs game trying to guess when what you see on screen will print right. That is precisely what made me realize I really had to calibrate my monitor when a print I was doing for some ones golden wedding anniversary just would not come out right but had an awful colour cast. Instead of going in circles calibration sorted it in one hit.

13-10-10, 06:40
I also want to know that is it really possible to get more colors in a picture?
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graham harcombe
13-10-10, 08:21
If you were referring to a colour calibration package when you said the option was too expensive, you might try this link (http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/Video-Tweak/Monitor-Calibration-Wizard.shtml) to a freeware moitor calibration program which I have used and found to be quite good. I'm sure it lacks the sophistication of Spyder, but ...it's free!

For photo editing, try GIMP, which is an Open Systems product and therefore free, is a very competent package.