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Matt Green
29-03-10, 22:56
OK, so the situation is I only posses (actually my mothers!) a meague kodak compact and occasionally have use of a Panasonic Lumix bridge camera and lately I've been hankering after a proper camera ....been doing a bit of research and the above Nikon looks a pretty safe bet, I can afford it but just wondering how much use I'd be able to get from it considering I've never used a DSLR before. I know about the basics of exposure etc but not having used a DSLR I'm thinking perhaps I should stick with a cheap bridge camera while I bone up on the more technical stuff?

I assume I could always use the full auto mode or auto/scene modes while getting to grips with manual/custom settings...would pictures taken on auto modes be greatly inferior to those taken in custom settings?


29-03-10, 23:30
I think that if you are planning on getting a DSLR then do so as soon as you can, you will see a real difference in IQ compared to your bridge camera especially in poor light. The auto modes will work well I am sure, and I am confident that you would get to grips with the settings quite quickly.

30-03-10, 08:25
Agree completely with Peter, go for it, you won't regret it.

Peter Waites
30-03-10, 09:17
The DSLR (in my case a D60) certainly opened up my world. I'd been a point & shoot man up to then and made much of the fact that I could slip the little camera in my pocket. Whilst carting the kit about can be a pain, the returns in terms of versatility and controllability of the DSLR outweigh the downside. I would unhesitatingly recommend you get one and play with it. (Use program or auto mode as a back up, if it's a "must get" shot but then switch to one of the modes where you're in charge and see what you get.) Good luck!:)

30-03-10, 09:54
the sooner you get a DSLR the sooner you can play and learn..good luck and have fun

30-03-10, 12:33
I was interested to read the following review :
" Nikon's recent announcement of the 12.3MP Nikon D5000 adds a new camera to the digital SLR mix that also offers the option of 720p HD movie recording to complement still photography.

With features largely borrowed from the Nikon D90, the Nikon D5000 mainly differs in that it is designed to appeal more to those that are looking for a camera that centers around automatic user friendly operation, while incorporating similar technologies and delivering the same level of image quality provided by the Nikon D90. The D90 remains aimed at enthusiast level photographers that prefer more manual control options and an extended feature set.

That is not to say that the Nikon D5000 is not loaded with advanced capabilities, rather that the camera is specifically designed to appeal more to novice digital SLR users, providing easier to use Menu layouts and simplified buttons and controls. The inclusion of 19 automatic Scene shooting modes and the Vari-angle LCD monitor on the D5000, are features that have previously only been available on Nikon's Coolpix point and shoot cameras."

I notice there are several kit versions available - most come with the 18-55 VR lens or the 18-105 VR lens some offer a second lens as well but the price increases considerably. The 18-55 and 18-105 are both very good walk around lenses and I would recommend either as good places to start. Try and handle the camera with both lenses on and see which is best for you. Any Jessops branch should be able to do that for you - you don't have to buy from them in the end. Nikon have several cash back offers on until 30/4/10 which may help push your budget out a bit. Looking forward to hearing you have taken the plunge :)

30-03-10, 16:05
If you find you know the basics now is the time to get an SLR - it will let you apply that knowledge and extend it further.

Nowadays anything made by the Big 4 camera companies (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax) is a safe bet, just choose the one in your price bracket.

Also be aware that lenses determine what you do with your camera and what the results look like far more than the body, so don't blow all your money on the body, save lots for a decent lens.

30-03-10, 16:10
You'll find the nikon will have a question mark that will flash on the screen, you press a button and it will give you tips. I found this feature very helpful.

also maybe do an evening course for around 40 pounds.........after you will hardly ever use auto again and be more adventerous with the manual settings.

Matt Green
30-03-10, 17:22
Thanks for all the replies, just wanted to put my mind at rest before splashing the cash!!


Twombly Red
30-03-10, 20:06
I have found that since I got my DSLR last year I think carefully with my point and shoot now and get better images than I did before. I have even held a filter in front of it for example.


Matt Green
03-04-10, 09:21
Went shopping at Jessops last night...

The next pictture I add to my user gallery will be taken with my new d5000!!!

Going to spend the weekend with mom and dad back in Norfolk so looking forward to getting out there and seeing what I can come up with!!


03-04-10, 12:40
Nice one.....you won't regret it.....:D