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04-08-10, 20:38
I have a canon 350D, a Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP Di Macro Lens and Marumi DRF14C Ring Flash.

As a dentist I want to be able to take close up photos of peoples teeth. So far my attempts have been poor quality with very limited depth of field.

My question is what do I set the camera Asa, programme (auto av etc) speed aperture etc.

Many thanks.

04-08-10, 22:35
Use aperture priority about f11 or even f16 at a low ISO, say 100. The flash, assuming it is TTL should sort out the exposure automatically. Your dental light will give good light for focussing. For pictures of the biting surface of back teeth use an angled mirror (not the small dental one) and shoot the reflection. I believe a mirrored piece of metal is often used or a normal little mirror. Front teeth should be very straight forward with the lips held back with retractors. Hope that helps.

04-08-10, 22:52
Many thanks, will try tomorrow.

11-08-10, 09:49
Curious, how did the gnasher shooting go?

11-08-10, 16:58
Just curious....but isnt there a special rig for doing this?

My girlfriend is a dental therapist and im sure she uses something specially designed for photographing teeth....or maybe im thinking of an xray?