View Full Version : Water Bottle flash for macro...will it work??

bend the light
20-08-10, 07:49
Hi All,

I'm messing with macro photography, bugs and so on, but I don't have a dedicated macro lens. Someone said I would have trouble with light, as I reverse a lens on my 400d body which cuts down on the light.

So, I figured I'd try to get light down in front of the lens, where it's needed. I'm sure many folks have done similar, but I thought I'd have a go at this...a water bottle, a piece cut so it holds itself in the flash hot shoe, white printer paper on the front, and silver baking foil all around. The end is cut on a slant to allow the light to go down in front of the lens.

Question: You think it'll work?


20-08-10, 10:44
Here is a link to making your own cheap ring flash utilising the on board flash.

It was a fun project that turned out better than we expected.

bend the light
20-08-10, 13:37
I tried again, on real live subjects. Not outdoors, but in front of a large window (window behind the bug).

I have a M42 35mm lens I can reverse, so I intend to try that one - I would have manual control over the aperture, which makes life easier. The aperture is wide on this, so DoF is quite small.

I also intend to play with my tubes on a lens the right way round, too!

How's this?