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Al Tee
22-11-10, 12:54
Just something to maybe discuss..do you use the Transform options in photoshop? Attached examples of as 'as taken' & 'distorted' church shot..
Any tips to share?

graham harcombe
22-11-10, 14:22
Just a quick observation: I do use the Transform tool quite a lot and I believe that I encounter the same effect as your example seems to show. i.e. after adjusting the angle, the building gains a rather 'squat' appearance. I often stretch the height in a second process - again using Transform/Scale to restore its normal appearance.

22-11-10, 18:18
Use the tool quite a bit, but generaly have to stretch it as Graham does. I do the distort on new layer and reduce the opacity whilst stretching so as to get as close to the original as possible.

22-11-10, 20:35
Hi Al, Not too sure what you are doing. It might be easier if each image was posted separately. I assume you are correcting the perspective....? If so, how did the distorted image gain a door, window and alarm box that do not show in the as taken shot?

22-11-10, 23:19
Same question as Andy.

22-11-10, 23:50
My thoughts were the same as Andy. As a rule I tend too avoid making the verticals 100% upright. In this case I would of probably gone halfway between the 2 and stretched a bit if required.

Al Tee
23-11-10, 07:35
Yep, my mistake, two similar pics next to each other numerically..sorry..oops..:o..they were similar though & the post was just a way of opening a topic for discussion & seeing if / how others use the transform options & if there are any tips they can pass on. As has already been pointed out on here that Graham & Mike stretch the image again to try to get back to the original perspective of a building..just hope anyone reading this might be tempted to experiment with these range of tools is all my aim was really..
Maybe we could do it with other photoshop tools too; for the general help of all.

23-11-10, 16:49
Nice one Al, I agree - passing on tips and bits and pieces from Photoshop is a great idea.