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15-02-06, 02:26
I understand that most of you are way past what I am about to go on about, but I donít believe that I am the only beginner and that ant that good at getting around Forums. I read the first 3 Stickys in this forum Photography Technique which gave me some understanding of how it all works (Thanks yelvertoft) until I get into field and confuse Tv and Av but this was short lived. I think Iíve managed to freeze the prop of a crop duster in mode M Tv 1/3200 Av F7.1 ISO 200, if I have this all wrong I hope some one lets me know. As you can see in attachments thereís a bit to go yet, it was a bright morn the sun behind but didnít have much chance to experiment. To improve exposure Iím guessing slow down shutter a bit open up arperture a bit or maybe ISO change or maybe a thread for Blockheads. This is something I couldnít of done just few days ago so thanks WPF.
Regards George

Canis Vulpes
15-02-06, 22:06
The shutter speed used here is way too fast. Aperture and ISO are fine and I agree it must have been BRIGHT. If I were taking the shot I would be aiming for around 15-30 degrees of prop blur which give an indication of motion. To achieve the right* amount of blur a certain shutter speed is required and I would have used shutter priority (1/125 to 1/250) should give good results. Remember the general rule for shutter speeds, the reciprocal of the focal length should be a minimum, may force photographer closer to the subject. At slower shutter speeds you need to track the body of the aeroplane to keep it still in the viewfinder and only allowing the prop to blur. The second shot would have looked great with a slow shutter although it would not have done anything for the prop, its the bushes that would have created a feel of speed. As this subject may take several passes to spray the entire crop field you may have the opportunity to try several different setups using various shutter speeds. Keep the aperture at around f8-f11 for sharpness and vary ISO to maintain aperture.

Sample photograph from the gallery at 1/125, (helicopters have large rotors that rotate slower than smaller props)

*every photographers taste is different

Ron Clark
23-03-06, 19:16
I missed that - I'll have to go back and re-read it ;-)