View Full Version : Light trace dangers?

03-04-11, 15:42
I am intending to try some long exposure light traces for a bit of fun and to see what happens. The method I want to use is to have the camera on the ground looking up. Above this I want to suspend a swinging pen type pointer laser that I bought at Lidls for a fiver.

My real concern here is the danger to my camera sensor and its this concern thatís holding me back right now. I donít know much about lasers or the power of lasers but I do know that its not a good idea to be looking at them!!

I would appreciate any thoughts or advice here.


03-04-11, 18:08
Why use a laser, why not just a small torch? You could then put different coloured gels over the lens to build up additional colours as well.

04-04-11, 19:26
I supose its because i have the laser to hand and it an interesting light source.

Mrs Yelvertoft
06-04-11, 09:19
Hi Dafi,
Have you had a look at my recent challenge winner. This was taken with a small LED torch with a home-made funnel taped onto the end to get a pin light. The effect was quite pleasing. I'm not sure that would point a laser at anything, see below links from a couple of years ago...

06-04-11, 16:12
The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago here during a coastguard/lifeboat exercise!!....stupid beyond words.....They would have to be flying pretty damn low for them to be affected by my efforts, not to mention negotiating the front door, hall and sitting room furniture!!