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Al Tee
21-04-11, 10:58
Sons wedding planned for next year. Dilemma; how to choose a good wedding photographer. I've been asked for advice.
I've declined to offer my services as I'm certainly not up to standard in that department, but a lot of what I've seen leads me to believe some other so called ' wedding photographers' aren't either!
There's obviously 3rd party referrals to ask for but should we take to looking through the yellow pages what questions would you be asking of a prospective candidates for the job?
What price would you estimate as being reasonable for this service too?

22-04-11, 10:08
I've declined to offer my services as I'm certainly not up to standard in that department, but a lot of what I've seen leads me to believe some other so called ' wedding photographers' aren't either!

As a musician who plays at weddings I talk to wedding photographs some times and your right. Some are very basic photographs that have gone out and bought a good camera but hardly know how to use it. Others are very good and work hard.

Ask to see photographs photos of past weddings do they have people you can contact that they have worked for? Talking to them about photography in general may help you find out if they are interested in photography or is it just a way to make money.

22-04-11, 10:31
Definitely looking at the work they have done is the way to go, I'd want to see a full wedding album to get a feel for how they work on the day and the standard of work. If the sample album you're shown contains images for a number of weddings (as many do) ask to see an album of a single wedding. Check that any sample album you're shown actually contains their work, they don't always! I'd also want to know if they shoot on their own or with a second shooter - having shot weddings both ways I know my results are better when shooting with a good second.

As for price I reckon that 700-800 is the bottom end of prices for a decent wedding tog but you might well need to spend more. Budget somewhere between 800-1200 for a package including full coverage and a decent album. If the photographer isn't asking for a deposit at the time of booking, getting you to sign a contract and expecting full payment before the big day then I'd walk away from them!

Al Tee
26-04-11, 11:09
Thanks for the replies folks..passed the info on..they've picked someone with a premises on the main high st which to me says the photographers serious as they've been there a good few years...shoots with a 'second'..priced at approx 1k..don't know the full ins & outs as although I was asked for advice they went ahead without my opinion!
Ah well!
Sincere thanks again folks,

26-04-11, 15:19
Hope it all goes well. Would think if been on High St. for good few years must be ok. If not word would have got around.
Will you be taking some photos just for fun? If so I would like to know how they compare.

09-06-11, 16:48
Just a note - I know they've already got someone, but I've written an article called 'Me Mate Does Photos' because I constantly run into people who wonder if they should get their friend/cousin/uncle/person-who-is-studying-photography to do their wedding photos, as opposed to spending a grand on a professional photographer. If of interest drop me a private message with your email address and I'll email it to you.

You can see my work at www.reyburnphotography.co.uk, or my Facebook business page at www.facebook.com/reyburnphoto.

Happy choosing!

06-02-12, 18:16
First and foremost, you need to find someone whose work you love, and that photographer should be able to show you loads of examples of work.

Complete wedding from from start to finish.

I'm a full time wedding photographer in Hertfordshire and you can see my work here - www.photographybyriddell.co.uk or on facebook - www.facebook.com/HertfordshireWeddingPhotographer


gordon g
07-02-12, 18:16
Al, well done for not volunteering! I have done 3 weddings - my sister-in-law's as second shooter, which was great fun, and my father's and some friends' weddings as sole shooter. Very, very stressful as a sole shooter, and it doesnt just involve the day itself either - scouting venues, getting permission to shoot, getting a shot list, before the day, managing the crowd, making sure the right shots happen, shot editing on a tight deadline, choosing the shots to use with the couple, producing prints/cds/web album/paper album etc ....
Wedding photogs certainly earn their cash!

27-02-13, 16:52
I've recently started doing weddings and events.
I'd say..
1) ideally get a recommendation
2) when you meet the photogapher ask to see previous events that they've done, and look at their display albums too
3) see whether you 'click' with them, as that's important for the day. you want someone with enough authority/confidence to organise your guests for group photos, but someone personable enough not to annoy your guests either!