View Full Version : Videos Colour change

20-06-11, 19:09
Yesterday I did six videos of a wedding with my Fuji Finepix S5600 and when I put them on the computer I discovered the red colour had changed to blue, :eek: this is a great disappointment.
I wonder if anyone could advise me on how to reverse the colour back to red.

21-06-11, 17:10
Sure it is not a computer problem? Are they ok viewed on the camera screen? Can't suggest how to fix it but just suggesting something to check out. Hope you get is sorted soon.

22-06-11, 13:15
Thanks for that mate, you might be right about the computer because the Thumb Print is in the true colour , it's only when I play it when the colour is different.
I had downloaded the video onto the computer and deleated the card so was unable to check it out on the camera. I will experiment by taking another video.

22-06-11, 13:22
I've just filmed a Woodpigeon in the garden and the colour is normal on the camera and the red has changed to blue on the computer.
Does anyone in this forum have an answer to my problem, is there a way of altering the results back to normal on the computer.
Fingers crossed.