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15-12-05, 20:20
In my "Boston Jogger" thread (here (http://www.worldphotographyforum.com/showthread.php?t=74)if you're interested) Robski wrote:
LOL trust Annette to be standing at the back with her score cards ;)

Yep I have the same problem with shots you can walk around all day and try different angles and zoom position and you just know it will be a duffer.

Large Buildings do give me a problem and maybe only ultra wide lens is the answer to get the depth and perspective.


I could have continued in this thread but then figured it was probably going a bit off-topic from my original request for criticism. I thought it would be useful to have a discussion on photographing buildings. Whilst I'm no expert, they are one of my favourite topics. I love the opportunities that architecture can present. The same building can be used in so many ways depending on the perspective of the camera. Taking a shot of the overall building, like this:
can give one effect. Taking a closer perspective and cropping the view in tightly can look like this:
What do you like to do with buildings? There's lots of possiblities, let's try and get some ideas and inspiration going. What works for you with architecture, and perhaps just as importantly, what doesn't?


P.S. I have no comment on Annette & score cards (do we have a 'tongue in cheek' smilie?).